Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Hippo Roller Modernizes Carrying Water in Developing Countries

The Hippo Roller is a simple innovation that saves women in developing countries from having to break their necks and bodies just to carry water.

How Bias Can Also Impact Funding

A recent study by a researcher in Columbia suggests that bias also exists in the process of evaluating entrepreneurs, potentially impacting the funding of those entrepreneurs' ventures, and by extension, the potential opportunities of those investments.

Combine Rules and Rituals to Effect Change, Asserts Rockefeller VP

To achieve systems change, attention must be paid not just to formal procedures or activity, but also to culture, and in particular, to a culture that is results-based and focuses on accountability, says Zia Khan of the Rockefeller Foundation.

Social Economies in Asia Need to Improve, Report Says

Asia's rapid growth in recent decades has been bittersweet, as the region has had to deal with the environmental footprint of its growth while maturing its social economies to better serve the interests of all its citizens.

Matter Ventures Selects 12 Media-For-Good Startups

Smartfeed and Multimer Data are two of the 12 startups that have been selected by media-for-good accelerator Matter Ventures for its intensive five-month program.

Impact Investing Deal Report – June 14, 2017

Among the highlights this past week - transportation disruptors Proterra, Ponycar, Supr Daily and Mercadoni. "Like Tesla, Proterra offers a similar value for the bus market," says one analyst.

Impact Investing Deal Report – June 7, 2017

Among the notable deals this past week - digital education provider Yogome raised $6.6 million, tutoring platform Yuanfudao raised $120 million and EV-car sharing platform Yibuyongche $19 million.

Impact Investing Deal Report – May 31, 2017

Female-owned impacting ventures get the spotlight among notable deals funded this past week - CrowdJustice, Bulletin, FS Card. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn also notably led a $30 million funding raise for Change.org.

Impact Investing Deal Report – May 24, 2017

Two education-based startups this past week, France-based JobTeaser, and Chase Jarvis' CreativeLive, were among this past week's notable investing deals.

Impact Investing Deal Report – May 17, 2017

Among the highlights this past week - Cue's $15.5 million raise for its unique, self-health care tracker, Neighborly's $25 million raise for its platform to democratize the municipal bond market, and Japan-based Farmnote's $4.6 million raise for its IoT devices to track the health of livestock. Also, Naval Ravikant of Angel Co. took the stage at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York today Wednesday to announce a new syndicate vehicle called "Angel Funds."
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