Hippo Roller Modernizes Carrying Water in Developing Countries


Hippo Roller‘s neat water roller innovation aims to address the needs of 1.2 billion people who live in areas where access to safe drinking water is scarce.

Not only does the simple contraption help make the process of carrying containers of water easier, it also brings relief to the necks and backs of the people, women more than men in countries like Africa, who carry them.

What It Is

The Hippo Roller is a durable, 25-gallon drum that can be rolled across any terrain. The sealed containers provide cleaner and safer storage of the water instead of families having use open 20-liter buckets.

Instead of having to travel across the land for water every day, families can now make one trip per week. Since the design is more accessible, men are also less self-conscious to participate in the journeys along with the women and children.

Over 50,000 Hippo Rollers have been distributed throughout 20 countries since its development in 1994, impacting the lives of over a million people. This is a good example of an innovation that benefits a social good.

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