Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Selected news and developments across the spectrum of purpose-driven investing.

Insurer Swiss Re Switches to ESG Benchmarks

Insurance giant Swiss Re is switching the entire $130 billion it holds in liquid assets to index against ESG benchmarks, in a huge move towards principled investments that is certain to sway its industry.

Calvert Closes $5M with South Africa Taxi

Impact investor Calvert Foundation announced a $5 million investment in SA Taxis in a bid to help make public transportation in South Africa more sustainable, and safer.

How Bias Can Also Impact Funding

A recent study by a researcher in Columbia suggests that bias also exists in the process of evaluating entrepreneurs, potentially impacting the funding of those entrepreneurs' ventures, and by extension, the potential opportunities of those investments.

SRI May Not Work For Everyone, Analyst Says

High fees and fear of unintended consequences are two main reasons why one contrarian analyst says he does not like SRI and ESG.

How IoMT Can Help Meet Elderly Health Care

The Internet of Medical Things group of technologies is one way of addressing the needs of the growing population of elderly, their health care needs and medical care costs.

Matter Ventures Selects 12 Media-For-Good Startups

Smartfeed and Multimer Data are two of the 12 startups that have been selected by media-for-good accelerator Matter Ventures for its intensive five-month program.

Is Philanthropy Anti-Populist?

Recent years' populist surge may be creeping into philanthropy, and by extension into impact investing. "A more robust and honest debate on the subject needs to get going sooner rather than later," David Callahan, founder of Inside Philanthropy, says.

Finding Talent A Bottleneck, Shortlist Founder Asserts

Finding great talent has now become a become a bottleneck in a space that is growing fast, argues Shortlist founder Paul Breloff.

FY 2018 President’s Budget May Signal Changes to NMTC

The NMTC and CDFI programs may be among what gets defunded in the new administration's FY2018 budget proposal. Other energy-related tax provisions like the PTC and ITC are also threatened.

U.S. Veteran-led “Vetpreneurships”

This year's Memorial Day post is a list of "vetpreneurships" or veteran-led startups. Many veterans are planning to or have started to build innovative businesses in various areas of the U.S. economy.
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