Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Generation’s Deliberative Process for Choosing Deals

“We are making the case for long-term greed.” says Al Gore of Generation Investment Management.

Growing Pains for Impact Investing Ahead, says Bob Webster of SEAF

"It is critical in the private equity space that committed capital for impact does not overly exceed the demand in the market," says Bob Webster at SEAF. "Particularly in public securities, investors should be wary of offerings that are marketed as impact but in essence are not."

Be A Change Agent, says Yolande Piazza of Citi Fintech

"I feel like I've come home," says CEO Piazza of her new role and scope of responsibilities at Citi Fintech. "I love making other people successful, I love getting into the weeds and love having the ability to execute. Fintech is a great place to do that."

Former President Obama Urges Courage

In a speech on May 7th Sunday evening, Barack Obama urged courage in times of "tripe, ignorance, and demagoguery." The occasion was the former U.S. President's acceptance of the John F. Kennedy Centennial "Profiles in Courage" award.

Making Food More Accessible through Impact Investing

"I think impact investing presents a new tool in the toolkit for solutions that can scale," says AgTech and food system venture capitalist Jason Ingle of Closed Loop Capital and Greener Partners, a non-profit.

Pope Francis Urges Humility and Inclusiveness

In a first by a sitting pontificate, Pope Francis delivered a talk over TED on Tuesday. His key messages - humans should be served by our technology and politics, not the other way around, and humans should not be relegated to a "culture of waste."

Inner Motivation & The Power of Impact Investing – Annie Chen

Annie Chen, considered a pioneer of impact investing in Asia, and born and raised in Hongkong, describes her early challenges, her job and her inspirations. Her advice - be honest with yourself, cultivate your networks and develop a sense of urgency.

Impact Investing for as little as $20

If You Have $20, You Can Be an Impact Investor
“No, I haven’t followed a linear path at all,” says Jennifer Pryce, CEO of Calvert Foundation, who helped conceive the community investment note where investors can pitch in for as little as $20. “I was really trying to understand where the intersection of finance and people can exist, and how to create value in that place so you can attract more capital and create change.”

Impact Investing is Like Climbing Mountains

How sustainable investing is like climbing a mountain
"Every summit is uncertain when a climb begins. Saving the world is no different," James Lumberg, mountain climber and co-founder, EVP of Envestnet, profiled on Investment News.

Policymakers can Bridge Ideas and Impact Investors

Q&A with Ticora Jones, Division Chief, Higher Education Solutions Network, USAID Global Development Lab
Policymakers can be relationship-builders between people who are passionate about ideas and places where those ideas are needed, says Ticora Jones, Division Chief, Higher Education Solutions Network, USAID Global Development Lab.  An excerpt from her interview via audio speaking at the UN's Commission on...
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