Invest Impactly is a leading source of trustworthy coverage and thoughtful analysis on how investing in sustainability and applying the right technologies are shaping the innovation economy while solving a social good – impact areas include those are solving financial exclusion, climate change, agricultural, food and disease, sustainable housing and children’s education.

We offer a curated, unbiased and smart resource for purpose-driven investing news, events, trends and deals that occur each week globally and across industries.


Sustainable investing has grown fast in recent years and its AUM now stands at $23 trillion, according to a recent report.

Additionally, our traditional sources for media and news are, to put it bluntly, broken. Perception of fake news add to the confusion in many cases and news is either too noisy or spammy, subjected to bias, the Dunning/Kruger effect and so on. We help cut through the noise.


Ultimately, we want to make a difference. We envision a world where investors do not suffer sacrificing financial returns for the sake of social impact, one where the 20th-century approach to investing, based on risk and return, will be replaced by a 21st-century model built on risk, return and impact.

We plan to accomplish this through a number of ways:

  • Contribute – track, share and broadcast curated impact investment activity and insights through thoughtful research and posts.
  • Connect – people and ideas through a community, digitally and offline, help energize foundations, philanthropy, startups, enterprises, leaders, influencers.
  • Change – lend its voice, increase social awareness through through events, dialogue between social enterprises and impacting investors while motivating increased impact outcomes and changing funding direction.



Gino Baltazar is Invest Impactly’s principal editor.  In prior roles, Gino served as an analyst in the consumer banking innovation unit of and in financial technology engineering and transformation roles for JPMorgan Chase, as well as for E*Trade, Barclays (now Blackrock) and Sumitomo Mitsui.

Gino holds an EMBA and Masters in Finance from Saint Mary’s College in California where the seeds of his interest in SRI and ESG were first sown.  He also holds a B.Sc. in Computer Science.


Are you a socially conscious writer who wants to help us cut through the noise, and make a difference? Social entrepreneur? Seasoned analyst? Idealistic journalism student? Come contribute!

Invest Impactly offers selected writers and authors the opportunity to become a featured contributor in our community.

We seek thought leaders, experienced bloggers and thoughtful individuals who are willing lend their voice to Invest Impactly in a manner that evokes trust, authority and credibility.

While we are selective to stay true to our mission, we welcome all applications. Consider the benefits:

  • Promotion – share your passion and promote your work and your brand.
  • Following – increase your community, leverage your bio, twitter account to more audiences.
  • Impact – create positive change and provide an uplifting voice globally.

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