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Briefs on studies that describe various research of and approaches to sustainable financing worldwide.

Investing in our Children is Investing in our Future

Save the Children has released its End of Childhood Index, which scores countries by factors that "end" childhood, such as malnutrition, violence, teen pregnancy and lack of access to education. Dr. Jill Biden and Carolyn Miles, president and CEO of the non-profit, are among who have been involved in the work.

Impact Investing Can Close Education Gaps, Report Says

The report, commissioned by the Kresge Foundation identifies capital hurdles and opportunity roadmaps to utilize various forms of capital – including mission-related and program-related investments (PRIs)– to support America’s need for talent.

Impact Investing in Asia – Fragmented and New, Study Says

The study's outcome suggests that impact investing in the Asian region suffers from weaker networks between investors and SMEs, lack of proven data or better measuring tools, and perceptions of higher risk.

Decentralized Renewable Electricity Cheapest in Africa, Dutch Report Says

Investments to make electricity more accessible in rural Africa need to focus on smaller-scale projects and embrace renewables like solar, wind, and other more innovative off-grid technologies. It not only makes more sense but is also, in the longer term, cheaper, the report says.

Impact Fund Investments Are Paying Off, WHEB Report Says

The WHEB Sustainability Fund report adds to the growing body of positive data on the performance of impact investments, and highlights the importance of rigorous measurement and active management.

Impact Investors Feel Satisfied, says GIIN

More than 90% of impact investors report feeling satisfied with the performance of their investments, says GIIN in its latest investor survey. Additionally, the size of the impact investing market has grown to $114 billion. The survey's outcome, says GIIN CEO Amit Bouri, is "most encouraging."

10 Arguments for Sustainable Investing for Advisors, Swiss Report

A publication by Swiss Sustainable Finance (SSF) could be used as a tool to help advisors and intermediaries prepare for discussions in sustainable investing. Use of success stories, well-cited research and better ESG data are among the suggested ways to help renew long-lasting trust.

Impact Fund Returns Attainable But Requires Due-diligence, Cambridge Report Says

The benchmark report adds to the growing body of positive data on the performance of impact investments, and highlights the importance of manager selection and due-diligence in the investment process.

Impact Investing Market at $114B, says GIIN

The size of the impact investing market has grown to $114 billion from $35.5 billion in 2015 and $25.4 billion in 2013, according to an investor survey conducted by the GIIN which is expected to be published in mid-May. The survey's outcome says "the market is substantial, with significant potential for growth."

Progress of Human Development Uneven, UN Report Says

Human development has made much progress in the last 25 years yet new challenges have emerged. Issues like climate change, religious extremism, epidemics and persistent geopolitical issues are the main drivers. Impact investment can be a tool to channel investments to solutions that promote more progress.
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