Off-Grid Energy Toolkit to Identify Solutions


One tool that could be used to assess the energy needs of a rural off-grid area like Pakistan’s is MIT D-lab’s Energy Assessment Toolkit.

The toolkit, which is online and open-source, is designed to help local organizations gather the right inputs to make informed decisions on the level of technologies and business models needed to meet a rural community’s energy needs.

What The Toolkit Includes

Source: MIT D-Lab

The toolkit includes guides to perform surveys and interviews to collect inputs from a range of stakeholders, such as community residents, business owners, government officials and others.

The guides do not presume expertise in the energy sector but they do presuppose a strong presence in a candidate community. The ability to take action based on the opportunities identified by the toolkit are essential to successful outcomes.

Among the topics the toolkit helps explore:

  • Current energy access and expenditures
  • Aspirational energy needs
  • Existing supply chains
  • Community institutions and stakeholders (private sector, government, NGO)

The toolkit also includes data entry and data visualization tools that can be used to analyze the data collected. A solution design guide helps identify the appropriate technologies and business models after analysis of the data.

Download Info and Contact

We have piloted this assessment process with organizations in Latin America, West Africa, and India. If you are interested in working with D-Lab to conduct an assessment of the energy needs and market opportunities in the off-grid community where you work or if you have feedback on the Energy Assessment Toolkit , please email Eric Verploegen.

Source: MIT D-Lab