Tuesday, October 17, 2017
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Sustainable Housing

Home Ownership Remains Subdued, U.S.

The U.S. real estate markets remain broadly healthy but there are small signs that suggest otherwise in some spots. Affordability has declined, home ownership is at its lowest in 50 years and more consumers are renting versus buying.

New Tiny Homes for Homeless in Seattle

Tiny homes are being seen as one solution to the homeless problem in cities like Seattle, Portland and Denver. In Seattle, the initiative is being led by The Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI), a nonprofit affordable housing developer in the U.S. Northwest. The tiny home site, called Othello Village, now serves 300 homeless people.

Australia Treasurer Scott Morrison’s Mission to Build More Affordable Housing

Housing affordability? Scott Morrison's solution leaves us with more questions than answers
Hon. Morrison’s “fact-finding” housing affordability tour to London gave the treasurer ideas and motivation to innovate government funding and deliver better services. But advocates against the program say it may take a long time, if ever, before his new investment fund builds even one new affordable home.

Australian $9M Social Impact Bond Aiming to Fix Homeless

Australia’s First Homelessness Social Impact Bond Reaches ‘Fruition’
South Australia’s first social impact bond aims to support housing that can begin helping the region's estimated 12,000 homeless by July 2017.

NBA All-Star Chris Paul Joins Turner Impact Capital

The NBA star helped closed the $1 billion Turner Multifamily Impact Fund and plans to focus on critically-needed affordable housing in Dallas, Austin, Las Vegas, Miami and Washington D.C.

Are Social Impact Bonds for Denver’s homeless working?

Evidence shows that conventional programs to aid the homeless are costly and do not really reduce the homeless population in U.S. cities. Bonds that measure successful outcomes, now being piloted in Denver Colorado, may be a way to address the problem.

Estonian-based Koda’s Eco-friendly House is Brilliant

The prefab is low impact, portable and inexpensive, concrete, solar-powered that is designed to move with its owners. The prefab can be assembled in less than seven hours, and disassembled in four days.
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