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Carbon Tax Plan Announced by Big Oil

A consortium of oil companies and other firms have announced a "conservative climate" carbon tax plan that is being met with either applause or skepticism. Philanthropist Laurene Jobs and Michael Bloomberg are among the plan's backers.

Impact Investing Deal Report – June 14, 2017

Among the highlights this past week - transportation disruptors Proterra, Ponycar, Supr Daily and Mercadoni. "Like Tesla, Proterra offers a similar value for the bus market," says one analyst.

Apple Issues a New $1B Green Bond

Apple has issued a $1 billion green bond, its second in two years, to help continue its push to convert its operations to utilize renewable energy sources, as well as its pledge to reduce its carbon footprint despite Trump's withdrawal from the Paris accord.

Off-Grid Energy Toolkit to Identify Solutions

MIT D-Lab's Energy Assessment Toolkit is one example tool that aspiring solution developers can utilize to assess the energy needs of remote rural areas like Pakistan's. The tool has been piloted in West Africa, India and Latin America.

CO2 Extractor Opened Near Zurich, A First

The world’s first commercial plant that aims to extract CO2 at industrial scale opened recently for business near Zurich in Switzerland. The plant plans to isolate the CO2 chemically and via fans at temperatures of about 100 degrees Celsius.

Beating Pakistan’s Changing Weather

How Acumen's Jacqueline Novogratz and a local solar electricity startup are partnering to deal with bringing relief from Pakistan's extreme heat and changing climate.

Paris Accord Without the US – What’s Next

Leaders in business and government, as well as headlines, came out voicing protests against Trump's Thursday decision to withdraw from the Paris accord. The increased attention is bound to make investing in climate change more popular, one silver lining.

Impact Investing Deal Report – May 31, 2017

Female-owned impacting ventures get the spotlight among notable deals funded this past week - CrowdJustice, Bulletin, FS Card. Reid Hoffman of LinkedIn also notably led a $30 million funding raise for Change.org.

FY 2018 President’s Budget May Signal Changes to NMTC

The NMTC and CDFI programs may be among what gets defunded in the new administration's FY2018 budget proposal. Other energy-related tax provisions like the PTC and ITC are also threatened.

Climate Science is Politics – Paris Accord Without the U.S.

As U.S. President Trump continues to get lobbied to remain in the Paris Climate Pact, some are already saying that he has, judging by his administration's recent actions , already virtually left. Over 600 million of tons in reduced CO2 by 2030 is at stake.
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